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Our family has such a wonderful comfort level with Sarah.  She takes the boys individually and takes their pictures... they aren't even aware she is capturing amazing moments.  Then when it comes to the "dreadful" family picture that I always request of everyone smiling/looking at the same time, she pulls it off beautifully every time.  The photo sessions are very relaxing and FAST-two things I appreciate greatly.                                      -The Hansons
Dixie Lane Photography was absolutely perfect! Not only did they take gorgeous pictures, but their attitude, creativity and professionalism were wonderful as well. It is so refreshing to see someone who is truly great at their job. The service was beyond impeccable from beginning to end. They captured every aspect of our special day in ways we could have never imagined! We are so happy we had them to take the pictures that have and will continue to serve as memories of one of the most important days of our lives.                                                 -Eric & Kim                        

Well, once again we absolutely love our photos! The location and setting you came up with this time really nailed exactly, and I mean exactly, what I was going for. You are good. Thank you, thank you, thank you!                            -The Lanes
Sarah, I just had to tell you that I have had so many people stop me, e-mail me and call me to ask where we got our pictures from our christmas cards done! Seems that everyone is as amazed with them as we are. I've been quick to recommend you to my family and friends, although I think the pictures speak for themselves. Can't wait til next year!          -The Vanwyhes

I just wanted to thank you for actually making my senior pictures fun! I am so relieved because I felt like I was really able to be myself and now everyone keeps commenting on how the images totally reflect my style and personality.                       -Katie
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I just wanted to tell you that you (and Josh ) did the most super, awesome job! I never would've imagined that you'd get or do as much as you did! Everyone thought you were wonderful! My sister and mom are giving out your name to everyone who goes to their offices in Des Moines. Josh and I sincerely thank you and hope you had a wonderful time!!!!                     -Josh and Teresa

Working with Sarah and Dixie Lane Photography was an absolute blast and a wonderful blessing on our special day. Her attention to detail, personal style, ability to make everyone feel comfortable, flexibility, artistry, and disposition were more than I could ask for. We are STILL receiving compliments on our wedding and our engagement photos and our wedding was almost 6 months ago! I have had multiple people ask me for her contact information and they don't believe me when I say she is from Iowa. She brings a touch/feel of west coast photography and is always on-top of the most current trends and photographic styles. I cannot say enough how much we loved working with her... I have even booked her to take professional head-shots and business photos. I will be a lifelong lover of Sarah and Dixie Lane.               -Eli & Katie                       

OH MY GOSH, I was seriously shaking when I saw your email come through on my phone and yes, I screamed-hahahaha. There was no work being done for about 20 minutes while we (me and my coworkers) squealed with delight over all of the pictures. THEY ARE BREATHTAKING. You did just a wonderful job! Oh Sarah, I'm just so happy with them, I could not have asked for more. LOVE LOVE LOVE you!       -Kevin & Rachel